2021.09.11 International Symposium

International Symposium: Celebrating the launch of The Journal of East Asian Philosophy

Date: 11 September 2021 (Sat., Japan Time)
Time: 13:00-17:00
Venue: Virtual (Zoom)
International Society of East Asian Philosophy(ISEAP)
Meiji Institute of Philosophies(MIPs)

Lecture 1

Xiong Shili’s Ti-Yong Metaphysics and the Treatise on Awakening Mahāyāna Faith’s “One Mind, Two Gateways” Paradigm
Speaker: Professor John Makeham (Emeritus), Australian National University and La Trobe

Lecture 2

From the Trinity of ‘Capital-Nation-State’ to the Quaternity of ‘Language-Capital-Nation-State’: A Dialogue with Karatani Kojin’s Political Philosophy and the Perspective of ‘Bun’(文) or ‘Wen’
Speaker: Professor Lin Shaoyang, City University of Hong Kong

Lecture 3

Seas and Islands in Watsuji Tetsurō : Fūdo and Sakoku
Speaker: Professor Goda Masato, Meiji University

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