International Society of East Asian Philosophy is a non-profit academic consortium that promotes global intellectual exchanges on East Asian philosophy. It aims at opening up the philosophical potential embedded in East Asia, including its interplay with Western and non-Western philosophy.


  1. To examine the reception of and confrontation with Western philosophy in East Asia
  2. To promote philosophical dialogue inside and outside East Asia
  3. To unveil the philosophical potential in East Asia
  4. To foster global philosophical exchanges and collaborations of East Asian philosophy


  1. To organize regular international conferences, organized panels, public lectures and events on East Asian philosophy globally
  2. To compile and publish research outputs on East Asian philosophy, including the first international peer-reviewed journal on East Asian philosophy, The Journal of East Asian Philosophy (Springer), books and so on
  3. To strengthen the international network and foster collaborations on East Asian philosophy

Management Committee

BACK Youngsun, Sungkyungkwan University
David CHAI, Chinese University of Hong Kong
CHEN Yi, Heidelberg University
Melissa Anne-Marie CURLEY, The Ohio State University
Masato GODA, Meiji University
Yuko ISHIHARA, Ritsumeikan University
Takeshi MORISATO, KU Leuven
Eric S. NELSON, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Yoshinobu SHINO, Meiji University
Yosuke TAKEHANA, Fukuoka University
WANG Hwa Yeong, Georgetown University 

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