ISEAP 2023 Conference

Date: September 15-16, 2023 (Friday and Saturday)

Venue: University of Edinburgh, UK [In-person and Virtual (Zoom)]

Organizer: International Society of East Asian Philosophy (ISEAP)


English (preferable), Japanese, Chinese and Korean


We hope to publish presented papers in a special issue of The Journal of East Asian Philosophy (published by Springer, peer-reviewed, all in English)

Keynote Speakers

Professor Geir Sigurðsson, University of Iceland

Professor Sojeong Park, Sungkyunkwan University

Important Dates

Jun 30, 2023

Submission deadline of abstracts for organized panels and individual papers 

Jul 15, 2023

Notification of acceptance by email

Aug 15, 2023

Release of tentative program

Sept 15-16, 2023

ISEAP Conference 2023

Submission of proposals

All proposals should be submitted to by Jun 30, 2023 (Japan Time).

For organized panels, please submit the following in MS Word format:

  1. Full names (the surname in CAPITAL letters), affiliations (including Department) and email addresses of 3 to 4 members of the panels and indicate one as the chair
  2. A 250-word (maximum) abstract for the panel
  3. A 250-word (maximum) abstract for each paper of the panel
  4. Research interests

For individual papers, please submit the following in MS Word format:

  1. Full name (the surname in CAPITAL letters), affiliation (including Department) and email address
  2. A 250-word (maximum) abstract
  3. Research interests

Registration fee

Free of charge



We are witnessing a cultural watershed event: a computer program that can engage in dialogue with us. ChatGPT provides a first glimpse of what an encounter with an other sentience could feel like. And looking around us, we are not yet prepared to answer the deeper questions that this raises. What is left for philosophy once machines can write? What is left for humans once machines can think? Today, these are still hypotheticals, but for how long?

Our conference aims to unite scholars in an effort to explore what makes human experience unique, and uniquely valuable. Whatever form this may take, aesthetics in its broadest sense will become a focal point of this endeavour.

This understanding of aesthetics goes beyond questions of genre, and medium; it grows out of the crucial role that metaphor and image have played in East Asian philosophical traditions, where they were used through the ages to make abstract concepts accessible through resonance with experience. One such metaphor for aesthetics as human experience is the genre “Following the Brush” (隨筆), a way of writing in which the form follows the content, and thereby reflects the personal self and amplifies it.

Artificial Intelligence serves as the backdrop against which sharing the specifically human contours of our work with fellow scholars is timely. The value of this discussion stems from diverse contributions that explore one central question: “What makes your thinking beautiful?”

Topics that are founded in any aspect of East Asian philosophy and tradition are welcome as individual and dual presentations, as well as panel discussions.

We are particularly interested in contributions:

●that focus on a domain of your expertise in East Asian Philosophy;

●that examine the unique appeal this work has to you, why it inspires you; and,

●that contribute to a collective understanding of the uniqueness of human experience.

We are looking for original thinking and work in progress, and we are looking forward to meeting you all in Edinburgh to collaboratively develop this unique and timely perspective on all of our work.

The conference is supported by 科研費基盤研究B「東アジア哲学の国際的研究拠点の形成」.

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